Study At Mira German Education Institute


MGEI offers one year preparatory programs. In preparatory program Student learn German language and other subjects related to their main course. After getting B2 level In German language, students get admission in state universities with our assistance, where they get free education. We have partnership with more than 30 state universities (and also with the partner Hospitals).
We offer the following preparatory programs and courses:
ANT (Advance Nursing Training Program), MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine), Doctor of Medicine (MD specialization program in Germany), The Physiotherapy and German Language Program, IT programs etc.

Huge Benefits to Students

• Students will get free education in State Universities. (Except the negligible fee for utilities)
• Students have not to pay every semester high fee as they pay in other countries.
• Students will get Stipend as (min 400 Euros) every month.
• More opportunities for jobs after finishing courses.
• As everybody knows Germany is land of Technology so here are more jobs for International students.

For more details information and apply to this institution , you can contact us, Edu Expertus.


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