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When you apply to the University and you know that the competition to get accepted is very tough you always asking the above question.

This is the university of your dream and you will feel very proud and fortunate if you can get in and being the student there.

You have to compete with other students, not only about the academic performance, your non academic achievements and activities are also part of the selection criteria that are set by university admission.

So, what you should do and prepare yourself about this situation ?

Have a feeling of uncertainly and worry will not help you, it will make you in unsteady situation and this is not good for you.

My first advice, we have to understand that there are the things that we can control and there other things that we can control.

We have to make sure that we have done our part that we can control the best we can do and for what we can not control, we have to prepare to accept and handle it with a peace of mind.

What are our part that we can control ?

When you decided to apply to the University of your dream, you know what program that you want to study there as this will equip and prepare you to become the person you are going to be.
You know the entry requirements and find out the expectation of the university in selecting the students.

So, by having the comprehensive information you can make your planning and preparation the best as you can. You should not just meet the entry requirements but your should preform better that what are required so that your chances are higher.

By this you know that the earlier you can confirm what you want to become and which university you want to study, you have more time to make your preparation and in term of the academic performance, the University usually wants to look at your last three years result.

If you have done your part and you have make sure that you have do your best, have a peace of mind with yourself. Be proud of yourself for having done the best.

As you can not control about a guarantee acceptance from the university of your dream, my advice is you should consider some other universities that offer the program you intend to study, that you also like the environment and give you a bigger chance to get in with your academics and non academics preparation.

By not being accepted in your Dream University is not the end of the world.

Being positive and have the right attitude about looking your future is very important.

Preparation is important, even though it may not give you what you want but without preparation you will certainly fail.

I hope that you can achieve your dream, getting into the University of your dream and become the person you want to be.