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Chevening Awards in Indonesia

Applications for 2015/2016 Chevening Scholarships in Indonesia are now open, and will close on 15 November at 23:59 GMT.

Chevening Scholarships are awarded to talented professionals who are potential future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers. The scholarships not only offer financial support to study for a Master’s degree at the UK’s leading universities, but the opportunity to become part of an influential and highly regarded global network.

The following awards are available in Indonesia:

Chevening Indonesia Scholarships
Chevening Indonesia/Prudential Life Assurance Scholarships
Chevening Indonesia/University of Warwick Scholarships
Chevening Central Partnership Awards
What can I study?

For Chevening Indonesia Scholarships, we accept applications from a wide range of subject areas, and particularly welcome applications in the following fields:

Foreign Policy, including International Security, Defence, Conflict Resolution; Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Management; Military Engineering (e.g., aeronautical, marine)
Democracy and Governance including Human Rights; Market Access including Anti-Corruption issues, Free Trade Agreements, Monetary Studies/policy, Trade & Investment issues, Science & Innovation, Intellectual Property Rights
Energy studies; Peatland and Forestry Management; Palm Oil development; Urban Planning
Education Management; Hospital Management
Media (Journalism, Broadcasting); Tourism
What does a Chevening Scholarship in Indonesia include?

A monthly stipend
Travel to and from your country via an approved route
An arrival and excess baggage allowance
A thesis or dissertation grant
The cost of an entry clearance visa
Tuition fees up to £16,500
There is also a global Chevening fee cap of £13,000 for MBA and Master’s in Finance. If the tuition fees of your chosen university course exceed this amount, you will be required to fund the remainder of your tuition fees.


Rathria Arrina Rachman

Chevening Scholar 2011/12, University of Edinburgh Business School, Scotland


Edinburgh, the start of my journey…

I have been living in the beautiful and historical city of Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. I am majoring in finance and investment and before pursuing a Master’s degree in the UK, I worked as investment banker for two years at one of the leading security companies in Indonesia. I first visited the UK in 2010 when my company organised an international business roadshow to London and Edinburgh. As vital financial centres of the world, these two cities have always been recognised as major destinations for business. My first visit to the UK was so impressive that it gave me the ambition to return to this wonderful country one day. Nine months later, I successfully came back to the UK as a Chevening Scholar, and Edinburgh became a great stepping stone towards achieving my dreams.

A life-changing opportunity

I can gladly say that I’ve loved every second of being a Chevening Scholar! As well as gaining a deeper understanding of the field I’m passionate about, I have also experienced one of the most life-enhancing episodes in my life. Education in the UK is well known for its excellent international reputation – the quality of its education system and research excellence; and the universities here are well-equipped with high-quality infrastructure. With its global exposure and influence, the UK is one of the best places in which to study business and finance.

As well benefitting from the high standards of teaching and learning, I have found my time studying in the UK has helped me reach my full potential in other ways. The UK is an amazing place to live as it has a strong identity, interesting culture, unique accents, remarkable ethnic diversity, and lovely cities to explore. Having a new family and meeting new friends from different backgrounds is an advantage of living in a diverse and multi-cultural country like the UK. I also have a new Scottish family in Edinburgh and a close relationship with extraordinary Indonesian Chevening Scholars. For this reason, Chevening is way more than just a scholarship. It does not only offer an opportunity for talented people from around the world to study, but also to improve non-academic skills and build a global network with other Scholars, and find a new ‘home’.

The FCO and Chevening Secretariat have been so professional and helpful in dealing with administrative matters, initiating and maintaining networks among the Scholars, and organising brilliant events such as the welcome reception, the Chevening forum, seminars, and lastly, the upcoming farewell event.

What it means to be a Chevening Scholar

I have met many brilliant Chevening Scholars from many different countries and I believe that Chevening Scholars are not only students, but ambassadors and agents of change for the future. I think that by utilizing and sustaining the Chevening network that has been built, we will do better in achieving our goals, spreading our knowledge and reaching positions of influence in our fields.

How to make the most of your Chevening experience

The success of Chevening Scholars is not only dependent on academic excellence, and I strongly urge future scholars to manage their time efficiently in order to take full advantage of living in the UK. By doing so, they will improve their non-academic skills which are important for their future career. Networking, travelling, exploring cultures, and experiencing new things are fascinating activities that broaden the mind and sharpen knowledge. I believe that these kind of activities complement academic life and provide additional important benefits.

And finally…

After successfully finishing my study in the UK, I plan to be a financial advisor for corporations and to share and deepen my knowledge by becoming a university lecturer and researcher. I hope that in the future my practical and theoretical skills will benefit society and the world as a whole. My Chevening experience has been beyond my greatest expectations. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is fantastic!


SOURCE : http://www.chevening.org

When you love What you do Then work is not work Anymore

Ya, apabila kita melakukan apa yang kita sukai, maka kita akan menikmati, hati merasa senang dan ada semangat dan kegairahan di dalamnya, Waktu terasa berjalan terlalu cepat berlalu dan terasa kita mampu bertahan berlama lama dalam melakukan kegiatan tersebut.

Melakukan hal yang tidak kita sukai, membuat kita merasa cepat bosan, jenuh, lelah dan seakan akan waktu tidak bergerak sama sekali. Kita ingin segera selesai dan dapat meninggalkan pekerjaan tersebut dan melakukan hal yang lain.

Dalam memilih bidang studi yang akan kita tekuni, hendaknya kita melihat dalam diri kita, apakah kegiatan, aktivitas dan pekerjaan yang membangkitkan semangat dan kegembiraan kita, sesuatu yang membangkitkan rasa percaya diri kita dan kita dapat berkata, inilah aku yang sebenarnya.

Jangan memilih bidang studi karena bidang itu merupakan suatu bidang yang sedang populer dan dibutuhkan dimana mana, sedang minat dan talenta yang kita miliki tidak ada disitu.

Study FINANCE at University of Nevada, Reno, USA

A Finance degree provides students knowledge essential for careers in financial management, banking and other financial institutions, investments, and insurance. Scenarios a financier may encounter on a regular basis include the following:

A corporation needs new financing. Is it better to issue bonds or shares? What are the costs and benefits of each alternative? What are the features that can be packaged with the new bond or stock that will attract investors?

A corporation is considering an expansion of its manufacturing facilities. How do we estimate the value created by the expansion? How should it be financed?
In small business environments working capital management is crucial. Budgeting cash inflows and outflows, understanding the financial implications of credit policy and inventory management.

An investment banker is bringing a new issue of stock to the market. When is the best time to do it? At what price should it be offered? How should it be placed?

The research department of a mutual fund management firm considers the stock of a corporation for possible inclusion in its portfolio. Are its growth prospects sustainable? What is the price we should pay for it?

An importer is considering how to hedge its future payment to foreign suppliers from a change in the exchange rates. How should we hedge the foreign exchange risk?

Internships in finance with local companies are available for qualified majors in the greater Reno area. These internships provide real world experiences in finance and often lead to career opportunities either directly with the company or through the experience and contacts gained on the job.

Independent studies with faculty members provide a unique opportunity to explore areas of personal interest under professional supervision. A number of scholarships are offered each year by both state and local sponsors. These resources are available to qualified students majoring in finance. Independent studies must be approved by the area coordinator and the department chair.

Source : University of Nevada, Reno
Website : http://www.unr.edu

Note : interested to apply or need further information, contact EXIST

Studi lanjut ke luar negeri, kapan mesti mulai mempersiapkan ?

Ketika kita merencanakan untuk melanjutkan studi kita di luar negeri, maka kita membutuhkan waktu yang cukup untuk mempersiapkannya supaya kita dapat melakukan dan mendapatkan yang terbaik dan sesuai dengan harapan dan situasi kita.

Kita harus telebih dulu mampu mengambil keputusan, bidang studi apa yang akan kita tekuni, dimana kita akan belajar dan menekuni bidang studi terebut, yaitu Universitas yang menjadi pilihan kita dan negera yang menjadi tujuan kita.

Setelah itu kitta akan mempelajari, mencari tahu persyaratan-persyaratan apa saja yang dibutuhkan, yang meliputi berbagai hal, baik yang bersifat akademis, administratif, mental dan juga finansial. Ada yang dapat segera kita penuhi, ada yang harus kita persiapkan terlebih dahulu.

Kita harus mulai menyusun suatu rencana jadwal kegiatan atau tindakan-tindakan yang harus kita persiapan dan kerjakan, seperti kapan mesti mulai melakukan pendaftaran, kapan mesti mendaftar tes bahasa (TOEFL / IELTS), kapan mesti tes lainnya seperti SAT, AP atau tes-tes lainnya. kapan dokumen-dokumen harus siap dan dikirim ?

Apakah kita sudah melakukan latihan-latihan, mempelajari bahan-bahan materi tes agar kita mendapatkan hasil hasil yang maksimal ?

Nah, menurut pengalaman kami, minimal 2 tahun sebelumnya, kita sudah harus sudah menentukan bidang studi pilihan kita, universitas dan negara yang menjadi target tujuan kita sehingga kita dapat menyusun rencana dan pelaksanaannya .

Dapatkan pelayanan yang lengkpa dan menyeluruh dari EXIST mulai dari tahap awal ini.